Allergies Linked To Ancestors Having Sex With Neanderthals

You might have a peanut allergy because your ancestors had sex with Neanderthals

Back in the “good old days”, Homo sapiens frequently had sex with Neanderthals. Scientifically, this is quite similar to inter-breeding, much like when a horny zebra has sex with with a donkey.

Scientists believe that human-Neanderthal relations which occurred over 40,000 years ago could play a crucial factor in causing our allergies today. Researchers are suggesting that ancestors of modern humans who had sex with with another species has led to such allergens as hay fever.

As The Guardian reported, the “prehistoric couplings” left all non-Africans with one-six percent Neanderthal DNA.

US Genetics company, 23andme, a group of humans, the more pioneering among them, left Africa to explore and met Neanderthals and Denisovans who had spent 200,000 years adapting to diseases and viruses in Eurasia.

23andme’s Janet Kelso, who worked on the study, said:

Interbreeding with archaic humans does indeed have functional implications for modern humans. The most obvious consequences have been in shaping our adaptation to our environment – improving how we resist pathogens and metabolise novel foods.

Consequently, many modern humans carry three genes that play roles in boosting the immune system, providing people with a much higher tolerance to the various diseases and viruses which we have all had unpleasant experiences with.

The DNA came at the price, though. The price is in the form of allergies, which cause us to sneeze, itch, and had adverse reactions to various environmental factors.

Modern humans have thus inherited these genes in various parts of the world and through numerous groups of early human species. Overall, the effects of inter-breeding have proved to be beneficial, and remain in our genomes today.

So if you have allergies, you can go ahead and accuse your ancestors of participating in beastiality. That is a completely legitimate claim which you should certainly bring up at your next family reunion.

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