Airbnb Vacationers Find Decomposing Body In Backyard

Group of vacationers find decomposing body in backyard of Airbnb rental
Group of vacationers find decomposing body in backyard of Airbnb rental

In the quaint town of Palaiseau, which rests in the southern suburbs of Paris, a group of friends rented a house on Airbnb with the intention of having a party there.

The vacationers were shocked to find a decomposing corpse in the backyard of the Airbnb rental. According to Le Parisien, no sooner had the tourists unpacked their bags and read the welcome sheet than someone discovered a decomposing body in the backyard. Le Parisien didn’t fail to provide the grueling specifics which we all came here for:

[They found] the corpse of a woman, whose age is between 30 and 50 years, in an advanced state of decomposition, hidden in the woods, under the branches. The body was found in a hole dug, face buried in the earth…

The clothed body lay surrounded by logs, under branches, but without shoes, arms and legs folded… It might have been there for several weeks.

The body found was in such a bad state of decay that it cannot be identified, and has been taken in for an autopsy. Sources have noted that the woman was wearing “a ring with a large stone on her finger.” Could it have been an heiress who ran with a bad crowd?

“Tenants who have made ​​the terrible discovery, called me Saturday,” the owner of the house listed on Airbnb shared with Le Parisien. “I was flabbergasted. They told me that they were shocked and that they left the place.” He also noted, perhaps a tad conveniently, that he’s had problems with intruders on the property and he rarely goes outside so it makes sense he wouldn’t have found the body.


So what I really want to know is if the terrified Airbnb guests continued their vacation and just found another place to reside, or if they fled in fear back to their homelands.

We can all assume their got their money back from Airbnb and probably left some strongly worded reviews on the man’s Airbnb listing page.


[h/t The Guardian | Photo via Le Parisien]

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