Puppy Presumed Dead At Sea Reunited With Family Thanks To Facebook

A family thought their 8-month-old Shiba Inu puppy was gone for good, but a Facebook post changed it all

A puppy which was presumed dead at sea was reunited with it’s family, thanks to a Facebook post.

A family from Groton, Connecticut thought their puppy Ryder was lost, until he was found and returned to them.

Clare Shaw and her family were boating off the coast of Noank, along the Connecticut shoreline on Sunday, when their 8-month-old Shiba Inu puppy slipped out of his harness and jumped into the ocean.

“After turning around and backtracking for hours, having the coast guard involved, and everyone on shore looking we weren’t able to find our puppy who we thought didn’t know how to swim,” Shaw told WTIC.

The family had the best of hopes for Ryder, but was fearing the worst. As Shaw explained:

“My family came home and we felt defeated, we packed up his things and lit a candle in his cage and assumed our boy lost his life drowning”

Then Shaw decided to give the search efforts one more shot. She posted on Facebook, asking if anyone had seen her adorable, precious puppy.

lost-dog“Almost 100 shares later, an equine vet saw my post and a post in a Groton lost and found pet group,” she explained.

A smart veterinarian put the two Facebook posts together and realized someone had found and rescued Ryder.

“They had found him swimming in the middle of the sound and pulled him into their boat,” Shaw said they picked him up late Sunday night “We are so incredibly thankful!”

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